ZiPOWER equipment and accessories are an established and well-known brand for use motorists, hobbyists вrand homeowners. ZiPOWER products are built to exceed manufacturer's specifications and to provide dependable results for any situation.


The multipoint quality and inspection process ensures that ZiPOWER products are built to last. Complex products such as automotive vacuum cleaners, compressors, polishers and high pressure washers undergo additional rigorous testing procedures to guarantee effectiveness while optimizing power consumption.

ZiPOWER guarantees solutions to everyday problems at an affordable price. Continuing innovations in development, manufacturing, inspection and testing allow ZiPOWER to save consumers money by offering comparable goods which high quality; yet offer consumers considerable savings.


The product diversity of ZiPOWER products ranges from handheld and power tools to automotive accessories such as windshield screens, cell phone and tablet holders as well as snow brushes and camping equipment. The ZiPOWER brand is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the consumers' demand.


ZiPOWER products are manufactured to withstand seasonal temperature changes. The snow and ice brushes are made from durable, frost-resistant plastic and polyethylene foam to protect hands from scraping while effectively removing snow and ice.

ZiPOWER products enable consumers to make repairs quickly and effectively. With ZiPOWER's professional tool kits, tow ropes, jumper cables, compressors and car jacks, motorists can handle a sudden breakdown without feeling stranded.

ZiPOWER products are durable, ergonomic and affordable. ZiPOWER is the obvious choice for precision assembled, high quality tools and accessories.

ZiPOWER high pressure washers and orbital buffers aid the automotive enthusiast to achieve that just purchased showroom shine without the expense of detailing shops. ZiPOWER saves both time and money!

ZiPOWER products are designed to store in passenger/glove compartments or trunks; are convenient to use and offer the reliability and security at an affordable cost without compromising on quality. As a consumer, you can feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel!

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